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1- A fixed-term tenancy is created by an express contract.​



2- A court will not review an administrative agency’s decision until the party seeking review first exhausts all administrative remedies.​



3- A decedent is a person who has died.​



4- A landlord is usually NOT entitled to damages when a tenant wrongfully retains possession of property.​



5- ​Gary has two houses. He allows his friend David to live in one of them without paying rent. David dies. David’s tenancy

a.​is terminated.

b.​passes to his heirs for one year.

c.​passes to his heirs for five years.

d.​passes to his heirs indefinitely.

6- A court deems an agreement between Silver Saddles Saddlery and Time Tested Tack, Inc. to be a per se violation of the Sherman Act. The court is​

a.​required to unanimously decide whether the agreement’s benefits outweigh its anticompetitive effects.

b.​required to issue a formal complaint against Silver Saddles and Time Tested Tack.

c.​prevented from determining whether the agreement’s benefits outweigh its anticompetitive effects.

d.​required to apply the rule of reason.

7- ​Regina handwrites her entire will on a legal pad. Regina’s will is


b.​a nonholographic will.


d.​a holographic will.

8- ​The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) discovers that Fish Farms, Inc. has violated an EPA regulation. If no settlement is reached, the EPA can

a.​take the matter to the U.S. Supreme Court.

b.​immediately impose sanctions on Fish Farms.

c.​issue a formal complaint against Fish Farms.

d.​do nothing.

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