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Write a 9 page essay on Leadership in Business.

There are various factors which may impact the leadership style in an organization including the background of the manager, behavior and background of the staff and the organization’s vision, philosophy and values (Anonym). Leadership capacities may also vary from individual to individual like the different mental and physical capabilities of the individuals (Clippinger). Since the leadership styles vary a lot in businesses therefore, analyzing the best leadership style is an important area for the organizations. The aim of this report is to highlight the type of power which the leaders have employed in an organization and to evaluate whether the particular leadership styles have been successful or not in the organization. The organization that has been selected for analysis is Save the Children US. I have selected a non-profit organization because such organizations face huge management challenges. Leaders in NGOs are exposed to extraordinary challenges and both at the organizational and personal level because they have to work for long hours with very limited resources and mostly under politically volatile and poorly economic conditions (Hailey).

Save the Children is recognized as a leading independent organization which aims to create lasting impact in the lives of Children in the U.S. and in various countries of the world (Save the Children). Before going into the details of whether leadership at Save the Children has contributed to its success or not, evaluating the leadership styles in the organization is important.

The managerial grid of Blake and Mouton (1964) shows the behavioral characteristics of the successful leaders (Zeidan). The following managerial grid (Table I) shows five types of managerial leaderships based on product concern and people orientation of leaders. In theory “Team management” is considered ideal for successful leadership however, its implementation is difficult in some work situations (SW Learning Website).


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