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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Privacy of Social Media. It needs to be at least 750 words.

The Writing: the works from this publication is a detailed statement which provides directions under the law that emphasizes the need to maintain privacy in the social sites. The websites and social sites are under obligation to protect their customer’s information and not to share them without permission. The Use: This document will help me highlight the law in relation to privacy in the social media.Determann, Lothar. “Social Media Privacy: A Dozen Myths and Facts.” Stanford Technology Law Review (2012): 1-14.&nbsp.The Writer(s): the author is an expert in social media analysis. Publication: this is a publication of the social media privacy from Stanford Technology Law Review. The publication is a recent publication which is valid and up to dateThe Writing: the publication contains 8 myths about social sites. The myths are actual the rights to the consumer who uses the social sites. This article is an educative article drawing its teachings from the law about social privacy in the media.The Use: This article will be useful to me when making an introduction about my research. It will help me highlight some of the rights consumers have over the social sites in the media. The author is the senior research analyst at Pew Internet Project Publication: this is a publication of the social media privacy.&nbsp. The article is a resent publication from the date. The Writing: the article aims at finding out why most users are restricted to privacy settings while the cases of profile pruning and unfriending people are the rise.

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