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Reconciling Islam and Democracy

Three components of Islamic legal ideology are generally viewed as being incompatible with civil liberties or democracy, namely, corporal punishments, the legal inequality between Muslims and non-Muslims, and the legal gender inequality (Bowering, 2012, p. 129). Those who do not support the argument that governance in modern states has to be carried out within the context of Islamic legal doctrine do view religion as an integral foundation of a political system. They stress that democratic regimes depend on the presence of a particular philosophy for the people to comply with the law and for leaders to focus on the interests of the general public. As stated by Soroush, “Democracy cannot prosper without commitment to moral precepts. It is here that the great debt of democracy to religion is revealed: Religions, as bulwarks of morality, can serve as the best guarantors of democracy” (Bowering, 2012, p. 130). Although democratic regimes have to be unbiased towards religion and other worldviews, they do depend on moral codes, of which religious traditions could be a basis, including republican and constitutional principles.

Mohammad Arkoun is one of the leading supporters of moderate Islam and Islamic modernity at present. Arkoun’s major interest is analysing both Islamic and Western traditions, and, at the same time, to develop a new jurisprudential and philosophical model of interpreting and applying Islam.. He has promoted controversial, revolutionary views.

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