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Create a 2 page essay paper that discusses Sociological Theory Essays: #1, #2, #3 and #4.

Another social entity has to be preserved to suit the materialistic selves of the bourgeoisie: the proletarians. In Stateline with high costs of surviving, there could be no wonder why only the filthy rich stays on. Finally, while capitalism results to an upgraded technology, it likewise begins contaminating a type of social anomie within its grasp, increasing social pathologies and alienating people from society per se.

Durkheim’s paradigms on structural functionalism, collective consciousness, and normlessness can explicate the interrelated points presented in this article. Structural functionalism is a sociological image which purports the concept of collective consciousness, this being referred to as the unifying factor within a functional society. Collective consciousness (otherwise called as mechanical solidarity) is unique to the community that holds it that is why when another form of collective conscience (another religion, statutes, or beliefs) confronts the said community, it will become alienated (normlessness) (Mestrovic xii). Such was the case for the people empathized by this article. From a Marxist point of view, there is the concept of alienation and the conflict theory. The people (subject in the report) should normally feel uncomfortable being far away from the conventions of the previous community (alienation). The uprooting broke their collective consciousness and the difficulty of adapting to another form of collective conscience of the new community becomes imminent though normal. The situation calls for the possibility of a social and cultural conflict (Conflict Theory). However with time, social order will resume as differences become the “neo-conventions.”

The fact that for almost two centuries Pfizer had always been socially empathic and responsible shaped a culture not just among the people within its grasp but in the company itself. It became more than a for-profit entity. This

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