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The Kim regime has manipulated the state’s philosophy in order to reflect the challenges and circumstances the country faced. North Korea is faced with a number of uncertainties (Carlin & Wit 2006, p. 33). One of the outstanding aspects of the country and its regime is the failure of the state to achieve Juche as it was intended by the country’s founding father. North Korea has moved from relying on the Soviet Bloc and Chinese support to seeking humanitarian aid from the international community and its southern neighbor. Joan Robinson wrote an article in which she outlined the economic achievements of the republic. This article was guided by the fact that North Korea has undergone changes over the years. Joan Robinson’s article was also guided by North Korea’s economic dynamism. The article gives a positive review of the economic policies of Kim II Sung. The author of the article compared the economic achievements of North Korea to its Southern contemporary rival. This analysis of North Korea used the available economic data to provide insights into how the regime operated. Robinson’s focus was on defining the ideologies of the regime. She approached North Korea as an offshoot state of Soviet Marxism. Different perspectives of North Korea and the Kim regime are evident in other studies. In Scalapino and Lee’s study titled Communism in Korea, the researchers concluded that the Red Army forced communism on North Koreas. The two authors found that North Korea became a communist state.

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