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I’ve got an entire course due tomorrow (my accommodations allow me 2 days beyond tomorrow). I’m a disabled combat veteran and don’t have much to offer you financially. I’m sure everyone has their sob story to feed you, but I’ll keep mine short and sweet… haven’t worked in 2 years, three kids and a wife. She works and I’ve got my combat disability pay to pay for rent and our car and most utilities. I’ve got $40 in tutor credit and just spent my last $40 for a month of Course Hero assignments. Using this account, would it be possible to get some already finished discussions and assignments, make them not appear plag – iarized and submit them? Could we work out something on the side for payments or something? If I fail this class, it’s over for me. I’m not lazy, I’ve just got some mental and physical health issues. I had used a guy in the past, but he extorted and then blackmailed me. I ended up paying him over $2,000, even after he knew I lost my job. Anyhow, here’s my thought: I’ve got access to all of these completed assignments and discussions. Assumedly, everything would be completed in the next 24-48 hours. 4 things have been completed. This particular class can’t be completed by Course Hero, alone, as there are virtual labs that require screenshots and whatnot. If you think you might be able to help, respond to this or em – ail me – codyjmiller @ icloud dot com.

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