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Layout and Design Review Ch13

 1. What are the two primary objectives of the store’s environment?

 2. How is space productivity influenced by the store’s shrinkage rate?

 3. Describe the process a retailer would go through to effectively plan its store.

 4. What types of space are needed by retailers?

 5. In designing a new store, a retailer has many different layouts to choose from. What are the different retail store layouts, and what are the advantages and disadvantages of each?

 6. Store fixtures fall into three basic categories: hardlines, softlines, and wall fixtures. What options do retailers have within each category, and what are the advantages and disadvantages of each?

 7. Although there are a wide array of fixtures and hardware available to retailers, there are essentially six methods of merchandise presentation. What are these methods and when should a retailer use each one?

 8. What psychological factors should be considered when merchandising stores? How is lighting design used by different types of retailers? Why are the smell and background music of a store so important when designing a store’s environment?

 9. Describe the role of visual merchandising in the context of merchandise presentation.

 10. What are the various types of signage used by a retailer? Provide examples of each type. Some people say that retailers should be careful when using lifestyle graphics. Explain.

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