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Paper details: Develop your own unique argument regarding the chinese empire (qin or han dynasties) vs the roman empire based on a topic of your choice- basis of power: how the empire is controlled- means of consolidating power- the influence of religion or major schools of thought on how rulers rule society- role of women and social hierarchies- reasons for declineyou must directly quote from the primary documents at least 3 times per empire, for a minimum of 6 direct quotations.the direct quote must be follow by your own analysis. ( rest of instructions and primary documents will be uploaded)***note*** i sent all primary sources that have to do with all of the topics so whoever is writing the paper can skim through and decide which topic they wanted to do. the pages may look like a like, but will probably end up using two-three of the sources since you only have to quote 3x for each. i attached the instructions the prof gave as well. Comments: i gave the full list of choices for the topic and all the resources so you could choose what topic you want to argue. thanks so much!

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