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Please view the attached files. The file Assess Your Current Abilities is what I need done, and the MG 500 is an example how it supposed to look. 

Assess Your Current Abilities

In this section, you will present the assignment that you have conducted. You are given the opportunity to assess your current strengths and weaknesses in regards to the twenty managerial abilities.

You will compare your self-assessment scores to the average scores you received from your external assessment. The objective of using these two sources is to achieve a more accurate view of your current capabilities. Attach a copy of your self-assessment scores to the report.

Using your completed self-assessment and the external assessment scores, examine each of the twenty abilities and decide what your current level is. You must decide how much to weigh your opinions with that of others and justify that here. You may average the scores, or choose a higher or lower one with proper justification. Your current level should reflect your best judgment of where you stand on a particular ability.

You must take into consideration discrepancies and inconsistencies. If your assessment is a point or more higher than your external assessments you must provide examples that show why you scored yourself that way.

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