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Critical Thinking class DQs:#1. Here is some text to use as we begin this discussion. The form of it is a “letter to the editor” as you might see it in your own hometown newspaper, but this one originated in Minneapolis.Pornography violates women’s rights. It carries a demeaning message about a woman’s worth and purpose and promotes genuine violence. This is indeed a violation of women’s civil rights and justifies the Minneapolis City Council in attempting to ban pornography.This letter to the editor is, in effect, two syllogisms. The conclusion of the first syllogism is that pornography violates women’s rights. This conclusion also functions as a premise in the second syllogism, which has as its own conclusion the claim that the Minneapolis City Council is justified in attempting to ban pornography. Both syllogisms have unstated premises. Translate the entire argument into two standard-form syllogisms, supplying missing premises and determining whether the reasoning is valid.Determination of whether the argument is also sound will wait until later in the week.

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