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Choose 1 of the 5 following essay questions and answer as thoroughly as possible. Your essay should show a command of the material as well as demonstrate analytical and critical thinking skills. Essays should be well thought out and clear in their structure and be between 2 to 3 pages in length, double spaced, size 12 Times New Roman.

  1. How did concepts of religious freedom vary in the New England, Chesapeake, and Middle colonies? How do these differing concepts of “religious freedom” square with our understanding of this issue today?
  2. Why did the Chesapeake Colonies and Carolina come to rely heavily on Slavery as a form of Labor? What are the economic, as well as political dividends that slavery offered versus Indentured servitude? Why wasn’t slavery as widespread in New England and the Middle colonies as it was in the Southern colonies?
  3. How did contact with Europeans dramatically alter the lives of Native Americans? How did contact with Native Americans alter the lives of Europeans?
  4. What changes in European society during the late Middle Ages encouraged European exploration? What justification was given for enslaving and conquering Native peoples and lands?
  5. How did Mercantilist Policies, such as the Navigation Acts, lead to the creation of a sense of “British” identity during the 18th century? Why did the English Colonies in North America grow, both in population and economically, much faster than their French and Spanish counterparts?
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