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Postlab and lab report are to be completed individually.What would have happened to our graphs in this lab if we had a heavier bar? (When I ask about graphs, I expect you to tell me if the slope and intercept changes or stays the same, and which way it changes if it does.)What would happen to our measurements (F_tension) from this lab if we put the force sensor on pin 3 instead of pin 6? What would happen to our graphs?Let’s say I had a graph for some experiment that we thought was modelled by a=bcd+g. If we perform an experiment and plot a vs. c, what do we expect the slope and intercept to be?Bicycles convert force into torque (pedal to axis), torque into force (axis to chain using the front gear), force into torque (chain to back wheel using back gear), and finally, torque into force (wheel on road), and that accelerates the bike. If you make the front gear smaller, is it easier or harder to pedal (explain in terms of forces/torques)? If you make the back gear smaller, is it easier or harder to pedal?A triple beam balance, like the ones we use every week in lab, work using rotational equilibrium. If a 253 g mass is placed on the pan, 1 cm from the pivot, and there are three masses, 1 g, 10 g, and 50 g masses on the other side can be slid back and forth between 0 cm and 10 cm from the pivot, where would the masses need to be placed? Full credit only if you provide values at whole-integers of centimeters for the three masses.How does this lab relate to something in your life that would make a good postlab question? 🙂

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