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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Ted Bundy. It needs to be at least 1000 words.

Bundy expressed unusual fascination to knives at a tender age of three. During his teenage years, Ted was well behaved, attractive and performed well in school despite his meager surroundings and parental circumstances. From High school, he joined the University of Paget Sound where he felt uncomfortable with his wealthy peers but still performed well academically. He later transferred to University of Washington because of his uncomfortable feeling at Paget Sound caused by his financial inadequacy. The signs of his dark side were seen during his teenage years. Ted liked to peer through other people’s windows but not with the intent of stealing from them. In High School, his shyness led him to be socially awkward. Although he had friends in college, he did not bond freely into their social activities. He mostly kept to himself. Bundy met a pretty wealthy and sophisticated girl from California who turned out to be the woman of his reveries. She had everything he desired: money, class, influence and they shared the same hobby of skiing. Ted became affectionate with her and tried to win her endorsement with a scholarship to Stamford which he had won. However, she decided he was not a worthy husband for her. She later ended the relationship which broke Bundy’s heart.

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