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Write a 4 page essay on SPSS exercises.

Measures to control false alarm should be put in place, considering the confidence intervals , if all the these intervals are independent at 5% there is a probalility that one event will be rejected at 99.4%. This error can be controlled by using Tukey HSD. As shown in the table 2.8 and 2.9 below.

Vicky conducted a study to evaluate time fathers spend playing with there disabled children. The study was analysed on SPSS and a two – way ANOVA was conducted to evaluate their difference in groups, according to gender and disability, and the time spend playing with the kid by their fathers. The population set was 60, the average time spend was 4.63 and a standard deviation of 2.47 as presented in Table 2.2 above.

Table 2.4 shows a F(2,54) = 27.140, p &lt. .000, Eta square = .501 indicating as disability significant effect. F(1,54) = .232 with a p-value = .682 and Eta Sq = .004 indicating gender insignificance. The interaction between the two variables gender and disability, F(2,54) = .653, p-value = 5.25 and a Eta sq = .024 indicating that the two variables had a significant interaction.

We have to control false alarm and setting alpha to .05 as presented on Table 2.9, there is no difference between the disabilities at p-value = .000 and as noted above there was a interaction between the gender and the disability. P-value &lt. 0.001 an indication that the results are highly significant at .1% level (William Mendenhall III,

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