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Create a 4 page essay paper that discusses Labor Ethics in the India and United States.

It is evidently clear from the discussion that India is a huge victim of child labor and there are millions of such kids working in the adverse condition not only in the rural areas but in metropolitan cities as well. According to sources, this frequency was closed to 60 million in 2009-2010. &nbsp.There are numerous reasons behind this child labor among which the most critical is obviously the poverty. Almost 350.46 million people in India are living below the poverty line in 20122. This provides a golden opportunity to the employers looking for cheap labor which can be exploited by them in order to generate the maximum profit margin. Lack of literacy rate in the country is also a major problem which also stems out from poverty. Another important aspect is the absence of SME sector and possession by the major corporation like TATA and Birla in the corporate sector. The child labor issue in the United States though still exists but has been successfully taken care by the authorities through nationwide measures. There is a maximum of 800,000 underaged workers that are employed and almost all are in rural areas3. In cities, the rate of child labor is almost down to zero which is not an easy job for the government in a big country. This was possible due to the strict measure by the government against child labor and the awareness they created in the masses. But above all the main cause is the back up of the government in order to facilitate parents in the bringing up their children. Low wages by employers in India is a tool very effectively used by them throughout the country. A daily wages worker of Texport in Bengaluru who is an authorized vendor for world-renowned clothing company Gap told sources that she is only paid 22 paise for an hour4. This is to make sure that she has not enough by the end of the day to take home and has to work late hours which help the company in meeting the orders on time. The main cause behind this low wages is the absence of adequate and strict regulations by the government. On the other hand, low and middle-class people are not encouraged to initiate their own business at small scale.

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