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You are part of the networking team for a plastics manufacturing company, International Plastics, Inc., reporting to the Director of IT Infrastructure. 

The Director gave you an assignment to create detailed technical plans for the creation of a secure wireless network at the Corporate Offices only.

The wireless network must have the following capabilities: 

  • Must cover the entire campus with no loss of connectivity when moving from one area to the next
  • Must comply with all FCC regulations
  • Must be fast enough for employees to complete normal business activities while using wireless connectivity
  • Must be cost effective. The organization wants costs minimized while still meeting the other requirements
  • Due to client contractual terms, the wireless network must be very secure and prevent Man-in-the-Middle attacks

Documents required to be submitted with the plan:

  • Building floorplan showing WAP placement
  • Logical network diagram created in Visio® showing the wireless network, as well as its connection to the main IT network
  • Technical Specifications outline

Your team will work together over the next five weeks to create the technical plan documentation week by week with the final product due at the end of the course.

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