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Complete 2 page APA formatted essay: Multicultueral issues.

Why? What did you learn about yourself from the assessment on p. 228+ of the text – Four Building Blocks of Diversity-Conscious Leadership?

The results of the self-assessment test revealed that I am culturally intelligent as most responses indicate one’s understanding of meeting people from diverse cultural backgrounds. There is therefore strengths in the areas of understanding diversity in culture from the experiences in previous travels in different countries. I met many people while studying in the USA. Among my friends are people with Eastern Europe, Asian, Hispanic backgrounds. I understand that different cultures have different ways of doing things or saying something, and I respect this. I am therefore satisfied with generating a high ranking for my CQ since it is an indicator of greater understanding, awareness, and skills in communicating, both verbally and non-verbally, with people from various cultural backgrounds. Finally, I learned that the four building blocks of diversity-consciousness leadership are understanding, awareness, skills, and commitment. where I have strengths in all three: understanding, awareness and skills and would need to develop the building block on commitment ensure being a more diversity-conscious leader.

In Chapter 1, my knowledge on the topic of diversity was significantly enhanced as it discussed topics that range from diversity, culture, diversity consciousness, and presented a number of different reactions to our changing cultural landscape. As such, my appreciation for different perspectives, preferences, and points of views of people from diverse walks of life was strengthened. I learned to deepen my consciousness in terms of disputing identified myths in diversity and in ways to assimilate in a new culture to prevent conflicts and to enhance communication and interpersonal relationships.

4. Based on what you

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