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care. Behavioral Health Management, 24(2), 6.

QUESTION : “There is a difference in the mission and philosophy of care between a public and a private facility providing behavioral health services.” Do you agree or disagree with the above statement? How? Justify your answers with appropriate research and reasoning.

2. Search the Internet using the key words “division of mental health, developmental disabilities, and addictive diseases.” View the list of regional hospitals provided under the heading Regional Hospitals Listing. Choose any one of the psychiatric hospitals listed and review its organizational structure.

Next, search the Internet to find a Web site on a local general services hospital and review its organizational structure.

QUESTION : According to your understanding, are the organizational structures of both types of hospitals similar or different? How? Do you think a similar organizational structure should be followed for all hospitals? Why? Justify your answers with appropriate research and reasoning.

Make sure it is on APA format. Cite any references on APA format.

Running head: PUBLIC AND PRIVATE HEALTH FACILITIES Public and Private Health FacilitiesNameInstitution 1 PUBLIC AND PRIVATE HEALTH FACILITIES2Public and Private Health FacilitiesThere is a big…

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