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4 She buys five deluxe mixers on account from Kzinski Supply Co. for $2,750, terms n/30.

 6 She pays $100 freight on the January 4 purchase.

 7 Natalie returns one of the mixers to Kzinski because it was damaged during shipping. Kzinski issues Cookie Creations credit for the cost of the mixer plus $20 for the cost of freight that was paid on January 6 for one mixer.

 8 She collects the amount due from the neighborhood community center that was accrued at the end of December 2017.

12 She sells three deluxe mixers on account for $3,300, FOB destination, terms n/30. The mixers cost $570 each (including freight).

13 Natalie pays her cell phone bill previously accrued in the December adjusting journal entries.

14 She pays $75 of delivery charges for the three mixers that were sold on January 12.

14 She buys four deluxe mixers on account from Kzinski Supply Co. for $2,200, terms n/30.

17 Natalie is concerned that there is not enough cash available to pay for all of the mixers purchased. She issues additional common stock for $1,000.

18 She pays $80 freight on the January 14 purchase.

20 She sells two deluxe mixers for $2,200 cash.

28 Natalie issues a check to her assistant. Her assistant worked 20 hours in January and is also paid for amounts owing at December 31, 2017. Recall that Natalie’s assistant earns $8 an hour.

28 Natalie collects amounts due from customers in the January 12 transaction.

31 She pays Kzinski all amounts due.

31 Cash dividends of $750 are paid.

                         The adjusted trial balance from December is presented below.

                                                                        COOKIE CREATIONS INC.

                                                                         Adjusted Trial Balance

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