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1.     Autopolyploidy is an example of

a.      genetic drift.

b.     sympatric speciation.

c.      allopatric speciation.

d.     hybrid inviability.

e.      hybrid breakdown.

2.     In traditional phylogeny, reptiles are considered as a class. In cladistics, reptiles are a paraphyletic taxon because

a.      they are closely related to birds.

b.     their ancestry is unclear.

c.      they include groups that have different ancestors than other reptiles.

d.     they have given rise to mammals.

e.      they do not include all groups derived from the common ancestor of reptiles.

3.     Reverse transcriptase

a.      synthesizes DNA from RNA.

b.     synthesizes RNA from DNA.

c.      synthesizes a protein from RNA.

d.     catalyzes DNA replication in viruses.

e.      is produced by the host cell when infected with HIV.

4.     Which of the following statements applies to prions?

a.      They infect hosts with unknown nucleic acids.

b.     Prion proteins affect proteins in the host.

c.      They have both a lysogenic and a lytic cycle.

d.     Vaccines can prevent the outbreak of prion diseases.

e.      Prions have capsids.

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