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Create a 3 page essay paper that discusses Which narrative techniques does this text employ What is their effect.

The author’s use of narrative devices contributes significantly to the tragic theme of the story.

One of the most prominent narrative devices that are used throughout the text is imagery. The author has very cleverly made use of words that appeal to human senses and, while doing so, create a mental picture of the situation that is portrayed in the story. Dimarov writes, “it was as if, squatting, hiding, and benumbed by the cold, they had pulled white caps down over their eyes in the half-hearted hope that the New Year would pass by without noticing them” (11). The reader is forced to imagine a person pulling a cap down to cover his eyes, an act that expresses a person’s wish to hide from something that is unfavorable and tragic. Similarly, at another point Dimarov writes “He can sense that the atmosphere, filled with their venomous exhalations, is becoming ever more strained. And the longer he stands at the end of the overly long table, the more difficult he finds it to speak, to collect his thoughts” (15). Here again, the use of adjectives in combination with explanatory words for environment bring forth a clear picture of the situation through which a character is passing. Mental imagery portrays the intensity of the situation in a manner that convinces the reader regarding its gravity.

At various points in the text, the author appears to be using personification as a means of communicating his message. This provides a convenient way of understanding things from a human perspective. He asserts, “But January does not listen. It stops in every village, at every cottage. It knocks vigorously on every door, thumps impudently on every gate, and tugs at the hem of every benumbed farmer’s cloak or sheepskin coat” (12). The reader perceives January as a person, who performs the acts that are mentioned in a

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