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Week 7 Assignment:

Business Leadership Probe Report: You will prepare your personal leadership probe Powerpoint Report. The purpose of this assignment is to reflect you as a business leader. Please consider yourself as a business leader. What influences your daily business practices? How well do you know your style?

Instruction: Describe about yourself as a business leader. Recall relevant prior knowledge to interpret and assign meaning to your business understanding. Begin the process of organizing you as a business leader. Evaluate your styles and traits as a business leader. Describe your strengths and weaknesses and how they show up in your daily practice.


Prepare a brief PowerPoint presentation on a personal leadership style and any relevant business topics you are interested in describing you as a business leader. Your power point presenation should be about 10-12 PPT slides and should be no more than 20 slides, with APA citations/references as appropriate. Submit your completed assignment as a upload.


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