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Need an argumentative essay on The Science of Muddling Through , Decision Making. Needs to be 3 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Root methodology in decision making involves administrators who are mandated to define objectives from the aspects which are viewed as most important to the least important.

In rational decision making approach, the desired outcomes are prioritized by the administrator so that the most desirable alternatives of reaching the outcomes are implemented. In root decision making it is the role of the administrator to decide on what is considered to be the best alternative or approach of solving a problem (Stillman 224). Incrementalism or branch decision making on the other hand has a specific objective which is subject to amendment depending on the situation at hand. In branch decision making methodology, the administrator makes use of a wide range of alternatives which would possibly help in providing a solution but he or she does not astray from procedures which have been proved through experience or history as most appropriate (Sutcliffe and Gerry 485).

Root decision making approach is advantageous because it focuses on the desired results or outcomes which a specific alternative in decision making would attain (Stillman 220). However, this approach to decision making has been criticized because it consumes a lot of time. Moreover, the possibility of failure is high because the administrator may choose the least appropriate alternative of reaching a solution. This is because of the limited number of alternatives in root methodology of decision making as compared to incrementalism. Moreover, root decision making has a disadvantage of making an assumptions that there are value in the approach which both sides agree on even though these approaches would have failed before. Moreover the root decision making approach does not allow for amendment of the objectives so that the most appropriate approach of solving a problem would be used (Sutcliffe and Gerry 490).

Branch decision making

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