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What do these questions mean?Did I solve 3 correctly ? How can I determine the frequencies for AB C in #2

-ety10 . 25 .Do puloutTCauses of geneticRZECTTTANSTITT`Palanfrequencies of A , B , and Calleles in this population ?|me w alleles(7 2`TTTTCTT * }Is this population in Hardy – Weinberg equilibrium ? Defend your answerCould these allele frequencies happen in a real population ? Why or why not ?two alleles for each individual , and get the following genotype frequencies : KK = 0 . 16 , KK = 0.59, and KK =13 . You are studying a population of sea jellies . You take DNA samples and sequence a specific locus withThe genotype frequencies are equally divided among the individuals in the population . What are the12 . You have a population with 240 individuals . At one locus there is a gene with three alleles A , B , and C .Lection_ cal" the – no affect on org bl s most of gall melo` die_ … . region of genovle – harmful to orgGB recom {` inter`vetr time shift inmy+ o favored.eating trash likeA. one.kemp`niche?

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