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The Hardy Weinberg principle states that of the allelic principle frequency does not change in a population over successive generations, then evolution does not occur and the population is at equilibrium. Several conditions must be met to maintain this equilibrium.

■ No mutations occur so that the alleles do not change.

■ Immigration and emigration do not occur as they would alter the gene pool and some gene frequencies, no gene flow occurs. Gene flow is the transfer of alleles of Gene’s from one population to another.

■ The population must be large so that changes do not happen by chance alone.

■ All reproduction must be totally random so that one form of the allele is not selected over the other.

■All forms of the allele must reproduce equally well so that there is no natural selection.

Explain why we continue to use the Hardy weinberg principle to understand population genetics, when the assumptions on which the principle is based are not true in natural populations.

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