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Thank you Mr. Bolt for visiting Station KVRT last week, with your son and his classmates. We are confident that your son, his classmates and you enjoyed touring our facilities as much as we enjoyed showing them to you. We take great pride in showing guests around Station SVRT.

According to Miss Janice Stanford your son’s teacher your son and his classmates enjoyed visiting our makeup, animation, and technology departments. They also enjoyed having pictures taken with some of our stars, and having lunch with our director. I also understand that many of the children asked their favorite teenage star to sign photographs for them.

Furthermore I appreciated the opportunity to discuss with you programming for school-age children. I hope this discussion will continue and I encourage your further dialogue with me. We are currently working on next fall’s schedule and your comments are greatly appreciated.

Please telephone me at 555-0159, with any other comments or questions.

Alfred McRay President

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