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This is a Business Law class. I need to IRAC the following scenario, but I need help determining what my second issue is. I know the first issue is if there is a contract between Jack and Home Depot. Is the second issue negligence? I need some help. Thanks! IRAC Scenario:

Jeff is looking to buy a lawnmower. He sees a Home Department Store (HDS) advertisement in thenewspaper advertising a “Lawnmower 2000” for $199. 00. This lawnmower is manufactured by andsold exclusively at HDS stores. He walks into HDS and asks one of the sales associates to showhim the Lawnmower 2000. The salesperson takes Jeff to the Lawn and Garden section of the storeand shows Jeff the Lawnmower 2000 listed for $199.00. Jeff tells the sales person “I’ll take it” andthe sales person takes the Lawnmower 2000 to the cash register and Jeff pays the $199.00. Whileusing the lawnmower the blade comes off and hits Jeff in his leg causing a severe laceration on hisleg. Jeff spends a day at the hospital and misses two days at work.

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