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I am explaining again what I need..justmore of the version of the previous assignments..following the instructions….Unit 5 assignment; just more of what you’ve been working on with the other assignments…self explanatory….call if you have questions 228-860-3328This project will focus on the financial aspects of your start up business. In a 1 to 2 page paper and accompanying Excel Spreadsheet, address the following areas: Discuss and show the cost associated with starting your company and show a pricing model for your product or service. Include a balance sheet for three years show funding resources, and then describe how you plan to obtain the start-up finances. Create a break-even analysis. Develop a detailed Excel spreadsheet for this section and an executive summary in Word explaining the spreadsheet.

Variable CostRaw MaterialDirect LabourTotal Variable CostSelling PriceFixed CostRentSalaryElectricityOther costs Breakeven point Breakeven point (individually)Breakeven point (total)…

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