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I already started the paper and I need someone to proofread and write five papes more.This essay is 5-8 pages in length and will require the reflection of the text read in Last Chance in Texas. Students are required to use APA format.

Focus Questions for Last Chance in Texas1) Describe the three main rehabilitative strategies demonstrated by the Giddings State School Capital Offender Program. Are these strategies effective? Why/why not?2) What are the benefits of the Giddings State School Capital Offender Program? What are the challenges in taking this program to scale?3) What questions did you have about the Program? What more would you like to know about the therapeutic intervention strategies? Any concerns?4) Beyond the reduction of recidivism, what might be some of the intended/unintended outcomes of Giddings State School Capital Offender Program’s intervention strategies?

5) What are some of the recent developments and issues related to all of the above?

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