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Bing was employed as a taxi driver by Speedy, Inc. While acting in the scope and course of his employment with Speedy, Bing collided with a van driven by Hart. Hart was an independent contractor making a delivery for Troy Corp. The collision was caused solely by Bing’s negligence. As a result of the collision, both Bing and Hart suffered permenant injuries. Speedy and Troy were both in compliance with the state’s workers compensations statue. If Hart commences an action against Bing and Speedy for negligence, which of the following statements is correct?A) Hart is entitled to recover damages from Bing or SpeedyB) Bing will either be denied workers compensation benefits or have his benefits reduced because of negligenceC) Hart’s action for negligence will be dismissed because Hart is an independant contractorD) Hart is entitled to recover damages from Speedys workers compensation carrier to extent no duplicates payment has been received by Hart

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