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If you can answer the whole work sheet that’d be great. But I really need #7. The pollen grain contains 2 nuclei, what is their function?

Lab Report 9ROOTS, SHOOTS, & LEAVESNameDate:1. All plants come in two life cycle stages, the sporophyte and the gametophyte. The plantsthat you see around the lab are all in which body stage?Spovo phyre2. In the alternation of generations seen in plants which life cycle stage (Sporophyte orgametophyte):a) Produces the eggs and sperm?Game tovuteb) Produces the spores?Spovopic) Is diploid?phy teBeovopasted) Is haploid?Gametophyte3. In plants a haploid cell is produced and grows into the gametophyte.4. In plants the fusion of sperm and egg produces an embryo that grows into theSPovophyte5. The male gametophyte of flowering plants is called the _SDevi)or thePollenqVal6. The female gametophyte is called the Menpoomnciophate7. The pollen grain contains 2 nuclei. What is their function?Bio 124 Lab Manual.

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