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Your Choice Format, either MLA or APA, rhetorical analysis on Young Goodman Brown found at this location : http://andromeda.rutgers.edu/~jlynch/Texts/younggoodmanbrown.html

You can cite by giving author’s name and then title and then website name and in-text by using paragraph numbers.

Avoid using first person if at all possible since this is collegiate writing. Try to use third person to expound on points…for example…instead of “I think that this story is saying…”, you would write, “This story is saying….” Also, instead of saying, “This story makes me feel like it’s presenting a dark secret”, you’d say…”This story presents a dark secret via its tone and content.”

Length: 700-900 words

You should have a strong thesis that carries through the paper giving your paper’s main argument. You’re giving your impression of the writing, but you’re also making a direct claim about it as well as you present it.

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