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Two identical 0.13 kg blocks (labeled 1 and 2) are initially at rest on a nearly frictionless surface, connected by an unstretched spring, as shown in the upper diagram, where x2 = 0.04 m. Then a constant force of 12 N to the right is applied to block 2, and at a later time the blocks are in the new positions shown in the lower diagram, where x1 = 0.01 m and x3 = 0.12 m. At this final time, the system is moving to the right and also vibrating, and the spring is stretched. What is the final vibrational energy of the real system (spring potential energy plus kinetic energy relative to the center of mass)?(U + Krel)final = _____ joulesHow do you find Ks for this question?For your reference, I found Vcm to be 2.038 m/s

Q1. Here When you apply the force of 12N (F) the block tries to move and then immediately the springtries to stop the block initially it (spring force). But as the elongation increases the spring…

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