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It takes practice to become an effective written communicator. In this course, you will practice writing effectively for different purposes.Identify a topic from the list below. Each topic identifies an issue that you will investigate over the 11-week term. Throughout this course, you will discuss why you chose the topic research and then propose a way to address the issue. You will write a draft and revision for two types of essays.Point of View: Use First Person POV, i.e. “I,” for the personal essay. Use Third Person POV, i.e. “he/she/they,” for the stance essay. Do not use the Second Person POV, “you.”Topic list: Choose ONE topic to write about throughout the course.Treating Animals HumanelyFinding Child CareWorking RemotelyMonitoring Toddlers and TechnologyExamining Reality TV

This Essay should be 2 full pages, double-spaced, contain NO research and be in first person POV. 

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