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Mountain Maples is a mail-order nursery dedicated to growing, selling, and shipping beautiful Japanese Maple trees. Located on a ridge-top in Mendocino County, northern California, Mountain Maples offers two distinctive types of Japanese Maples: Butterfly and Moonfire. The trees are sold after five growing seasons, and revenue and cost data for each tree type (for most recent years) are as follows:Moonfire1,600$100$50Mountain Maples’ fixed costs for the more recent years were $75,000.a. how many Japanese Maples must Mountain Maples sell in a year to break even? At this sales volume, how many Butterfly and Moonfire trees are sold?b. At the current product mix, how many Butterfly trees must Mountain Maples sell in a year to earn a profit of $50,000?c. Assume that Mountain Maples product mix changes to 50% Butterfly and 50% Moonfire. How does this information change your answer t part (a)?

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