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Human Knowledge, Motivation, and Errors in ThinkingAfter reading chapter 4 and watching “The Big Bang Theory” clip and the “Elevator Conformity” clip, write two paragraphs in which you propose ways that some of the material discussed in the chapter surfaces in the clips. Then, write a third paragraph that examines ways that you have seen the chapter 4 material, particularly some of the errors, surface in your own experiences.The three paragraphs should be written in proper APA form. To properly cite the two videos, use the form below. You do not need to include a title page.In-text citation – (“Positive reinforcement,” 2009). Reference – Positive reinforcement – The big bang theory. (2009, October 6). Retrieved from https:// In-text citation – (“Elevator conformity,” 2015). Reference – Elevator conformity. (2015, December 18, 2015). Retrieved from https://

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