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  1. Please run a scatter plot for each of the two independent variables (IVs). The IVs are Temperature and Humidity. The dependent variable (DV) is “fuel economy” identified as MPG (miles per gallon).Be sure to title each scatter plot.
  2. What are your conclusions based on each of the scatter plots? 
  3. Run a correlation analysis. Be sure to include all three variables in your correlation matrix.Discuss your findings. Include in your discussion, your evaluation of the strength and direction of each IV with the DV.
  4. Discuss whether the IVs are correlated with each other.
  5. What are your impressions after analyzing the correlation matrix?
  6. Run two bivariate regression models.In the first, use Temperature as the IV with MPG as the DV.
  7. In the second, use Humidity as the IV with MPG as the DV.
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