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A biological experiment was carried out to measure the activity of a protease enzyme found in the stomach. For this experiment, the enzyme has to be kept at its optimal pH of 2.8 by use of a suitable buffer. The hydrogen sulfate anion HSO4- with pKa 2.35 was chosen as the acid for use in this buffer system. What ratio of conjugate base to acid do you need to maintain pH at 2.8? Use the Henderson-Hasselbalch equation. Hint: What will be the two components of the buffer?


B)    1mol of HSO4- to 0.0045 mol of H2SO4.

C)    1mol of HSO4- to 0.35 mol of SO42-.

D)   You cannot use this as a buffer as sulfuric acid is a strong acid.

E)    1mol of HSO4- to 0.45 mol of SO42-.

Please help with the working out of this question. How do you arrive at that answer shaded in yellow.

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