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2.    Include a table listing for each standard the molecular weight (MW), the log (MW), and the relative mobility (Rf). Indicate how Rf was calculated.

3.    Create a plot of Rf vs log (MW) for each standard with equation of the line indicated.

4.    Estimate the molecular weight of your purified LDH from its gel migration using your standard curve. (This MW may be included in your table or indicated separately.) Please indicate how any calculations are performed.

These are the molecular wight for the fractions( 250 , 150 ,100, 75, 50 ,37 ,25 ,20 ,15 ,10 )

I need to calculate the molecular wight for those fraction above and I need all the answers for all questions above. The distance traveling band is 44 cm for the enzyme travel in the gel and the distance traveled by traveled band on gel is 60 cm

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