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4. Fulton is going to Chicago and will see the following 5 attractions (with their ticket price shown): Art Institute of Chicago (price = $35) Chicago Architectural River Cruise (price = $41) Chicago History Museum (price = $16) Field Museum (price = $30), and Museum of Contemporary Art (price = $12). Instead of paying for each attraction separately, Fulton can purchase a pass to see 3 of the attractions for $75, a pass to see 4 of the attractions for $99, or a pass to see all 5 attractions for $109. What will Fulton do: 1) pay separately for each attraction; 2) buy a pass for 3 attractions and pay separately for the other 2 attractions; 3) buy a pass for 4 attractions and pay separately for the 5th attraction; or 4) buy a pass for 5 attractions? Explain or show clearly how you reached your answer. 2 marks.

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