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Formula:C3H6N6O6-> 3CO+ 3H2O+3N2When 1 kg of RDX explodes as the following reaction, 5041 kJ of heat is generated.Suppose you have 1 mole of RDX in a sealed empty box of 1 m3 in volume (i.e., no gas, only RDX in the box in the beginning) at 110°C. When it explodes, the heat released heats up all the product gases confined within the box.(1). What is the final temperature of the gases produced in the explosion in °C? Assume explosion heats up only the product gases. Use molar heat capacity of 20.0 J/mol⋅K for all the gases.(2). What will be the pressure inside the box (in atm) at the temperature you obtained in (1) ?(3). At the temperature you obtained in (1), what will be the average speed of N2 gas in m/s?

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