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1. Consider the following reaction:2 CIF (g) _, c1. (g) + 1:. (g) Assume that an experiment is carried out in which the starting concentration of ClF (g) is 0.200 mol/L. Noproducts are present at the beginning of the reaction. When equilibrium is established, the concentration ofCl; (g) is 6.45 x 10“5 moUL. Calculate the equilibrium constant for the above reaction. 2. The compound NOCl decomposes to nitric oxide and chlorine according to the following equation:2 NOCl (g) —r 2 NO (g) + C12 (g)Suppose that 0.600 mol NOCl is placed in a 3.00—L flask at a given temperature. When equilibrium has been established, it is found that the concentration of N0 is 0.0592 M. Calculate the equilibrium constant for thisreaction.
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