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Compose a 500 words assignment on an education film. Needs to be plagiarism free! 

1. what stand out: what details seem important?

The film is set in England in the 1960’s and the film captures how the educational setting was at that time. The love affair between a grown up man trying to charm and confuse a young school girl stands out in the movie. The film clearly brings out how women must learn how to cope and balance between learning and marriage. The film reveal the essential aspect of trying to get to create your own way of life or being led into a particular path by somebody else and the moment when you come back to your sense that you are going to be hurt by someone you thought cared for you. The film explicitly captures all these aspect in an intelligent manner.

2. what does it mean? what do you understand it to be saying/showing?

The film is showing the hurdles women go through or are exposed to at a very young age. The hurdles are about the choice women must make between career, marriage and education.

3. how do the characters display agency? in what ways are the representations of girls and women

Done differently here? Are these representations somehow better? Fairer? Truer? Or not? Have your respond? Explain your answers.

The man in the film is seen as to be a man who knows what he wants in his life and he has it all figured out. In his life, the con man has a wife but is still willing to seduce and charm the young girl ( Jenny ). The man goes into hiding when Jenny confronts him of having a wife since he is not willing to leave his family for Jenny. The woman on the other is seen as having to depend on somebody for advice on what choices to make, and she is willing to do anything told to them by other people. Women especially the young are viewed as naive and incapable of making their decisions. The girl ( Jenny ) in the movie is seen as very indecisive. Jenny is emotionally manipulated and confused by a man whom she knows is way older than her, but she still falls for his charms. Jenny ends up leaving school due to the advice of the man with the promise of marriage, but it all ends badly for her. The older woman in the film like her teacher who gets Jenny’s life into the track is more decisive and acts as an excellent guide to Jenny.

The agency representations of both men and women in the film are very correct since most women tend to require a guide and can be easily manipulated especially in matters f love.

4. whose imagination? Projection? Sponsored? Targeted audience? Did what’s desired effect? Truth? Ethical code? Belief system? If you can find interviews with director, writer, actors, please do. You may read what other critics had to say and include it.

The film is based on Granta magazine the was written by Lynn Barber and adapted by Novelist Nick Hornby. The film is best suited for the young girl-child in the society who are coming of age and are still naive. The film gives a resounding advice to all people in terms of what paths to take and what decision to make in life. The consequences realized by both Jenny and David are a worthy lesson for anyone in the modern society. The film tries to instill an approach of independence and good personal decision making into the society.

During an interview with The Telegraph Newspaper, Nick Hornby, who is the writer of the Novel which the film is based is described the movie as worth it. He comments that the first reason most people want to walk back to this world of rejection and disappointment is to collaborate. The film in the end tries to clearly bring out the message of getting back to your feet after disappointment.

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