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Write 3 pages with APA style on Nutrition Practices among Ethnic Groups In The US. The cultural issues or backgrounds of&nbsp.nutrition practices are attributed to various eating habits and nutrition practices. The United States is one of the nations with varied ethnic groups that have been significantly influenced by nutrition practices. Thus, many individuals are at high risk of experiencing nutrition deficiencies and other health-related issues due to poor eating habits among varied ethnicity groups. The food preference and eating habits have changed in the U.S because of increased ethnic differences and cultural groups. Native Indians are among the majority of the largest minority group followed by the Latino and the African American population. These groups have varied eating habits, but many of them have been influenced by eating habits from varied ethnicity group. Every culture has varied beliefs, customs and eating habits. Some of the ethnicity groups have their own traditions of preparing cuisines. These inherited behaviors of eating habits are passed from one generation to another (Ahmad, W. I.-U. and Bradby, 2008). However, fast food and take- away restaurants in U.S have nowadays influenced the eating habits of many ethnicity groups living in the U.S. These restaurants provide fast food to customers including pizza, egg rolls, baked bread, sausages and hamburgers. Therefore, many people have now developed complicated health related issues due to poor eating habits. Kaufman (2007) argues that although many ethnic groups in U.S tend to adopt American nutritional practices, the nutrition choices of ethnic groups tend to be influenced by cultural food practices. The American nutrition practices continue to evolve especially the culinary influences not only within the ethnicity groups living in U.S but also across the globe. The research survey indicates that many people are at high risk of being affected by nutritional deficiency diseases. The research statistics indicates that the Native Americans or the Africans American children suffer from dietary deficiency diseases (Kaufman, 2007). For instance, the Pima Indians are high affected by high incidences of obesity and diabetes diseases. Moreover, the lactose intolerance health issues are common among the Hispanic-Latinos and Asian Americans. Malnutrition often results because of failure to understand nutrition and learn the way of maximizing nutrition status. Many ethnic groups have been affected by nutrition-related health issues. The research&nbsp.study reveals that the largest populations of people with complicated health issue in the U.S are the people who consume fast food. Many industries in U.S produce fast foods that have nowadays become the common food for many ethnicity groups living in the U.S. Therefore,&nbsp.many people suffer from nutrition health related issues such as overweight, high blood pleasure and elevated cholesterol levels. Whitney and Rolfes (2011) argue that understanding nutrition is essential because it will enable individuals to eat a balanced diet for maintaining their body health. Therefore, nutrition education among varied cultural groups including the native Indians, Hispanic-Latinos and other varied ethnicity groups living in U.S is significant. This will enable various ethnicity groups to understand the importance of consuming effective, balanced diet.

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