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1. The organization that is most likely to be effective in implementing its strategic plan is one that: a. emphasizes downward communicationb. utilizes horizontal communcationc. encourages upward communicationd. ignores gossip and rumorse. continually improves communication in all directions2. Jack, your director of manufacturing, has decided to create a team eleven employees from quality control. Jack gives the team members the responsibility of scheduling their own work and evaluating each other’s performance. This is an example of a ___ team. a. problem-solvingb. self-managedc. cross-functiond. virtuale. task-resolution3. Your boss suggests that the college recruitment process could be improved by creating a cross-functional team to conduct the on-campus interviews. Based on your understanding of team functioning, you reply that this solution is most likely____.a. an inappropriate use of teams, because individual interviews are better conducted by one personb. an appropriate use of teams, because recruitment is a quality issuec. an inappropriate use of teams, because interviewing teams rarely have a common purposed. an approporate use of teams, because interviewing is a highly complex taske. an inappropriate use of teams, because team interviews risk breaking confidentiality4. Organizational benefits from the use of teams include all but which of the following: a. increased corporate performanceb. greater employee job satisfactionc. projects assigned to a team are more likely to be accomplishedd. teams make quicker and more reasonable decisions than individuals5. Mintz’s motor repair is moving its location to a larger community 100 miles away. Mintz would like for its mechanics to move with the company but realizes that there will be some hardships associated with the move. Mitz has decided to use Lewin’s three-step model in order to make the change. As a manager in charge of the relocation effort, you are offering a $2,00 moving bonus for any employee who will go to the new location. In lwein’s terms, you are attempting to ____.a. unfreeze the status quob. move the process alongc. refreeze the change.d. bribe your employeese. none of the above.6. Organizational leaders are concerned about apathy and decreased productivity among associates whose jobs have high levels of specialization. They redesign jobs using job enlargement. However, when they are informed that their jobs will be changing, associates are unhappy and resistant to the changes. Which of the following is the most likely cause of their resistance to change?a. use of a participative change cycleb. use of a directive change cyclec. use of a force field analysisd. use of lewins change process7. Kristen mckay is a manger at a company specializing in bread and bread-baking praphernalia. Sher performs all the normal management functions outlined in your textbook. When Ms. Mckay motivates her employees and attempts to reslove conflicts among department memebers, she is perfoming the ____ function of management. a. planningb. organizing.c. leadingd. controllinge. reacting8. A firm’s strategic plan is based on innovation. it looks for managers and associates who take initiative for new ideas. In leading these associates, the firm should recognize that their dominant needs will be:a. physiological needsb. social needsc. esteem needsd. self-actualization needse. unknown from the information given.

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