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Write 5 pages with APA style on Pregnancy Nutrition. This is the time when women take more care of their health, nutrition and lifestyle to ensure a healthy baby. The healthy habit acquired during this phase of life is beneficial for not only the mother but also her baby to preserve a healthy body throughout their lives. Scientific explanations to this concept also revealed that the food habits and the good lifestyle adopted during the prenatal phase by the expecting mothers have long term significance on the life of both the mother and her child. A healthy diet with nutritional value as per the body requirements of the mother ensures that the baby gets a healthy beginning during its infancy. Conceptually, proper nutritional diet for proper growth of the baby, regular physical activity and proper sleep are few suggestive measures that help in ensuring the health of both (Alberta, 2012). Discussion Healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle are the major prerequisite for pregnant women. During the pregnancy phase, women body undergoes many biological changes and hence requires special care and attention. Hence, to stay healthy and safe become the major priorities during pregnancy as this would help to have a comfortable nine months of prenatal phase (Ludwig & Currie, 2010). During pregnancy, women need to eat food from various sources to make sure that all the necessary minerals, vitamins and nutrients are consumed in adequate quantity to have a proper development of baby. It is worth mentioning in this context that underweight and/or overweight might cause severe impacts on the healthy growth of the baby and can even hinder the certainty of a normal delivery process. thus, causing immense effects on the mother’s health too. In a recent report by Boston Children’s Hospital (2013) revealed that while underweightedness of mother in the prenatal phase may cause the birth of a child suffering malnutrition, overweightedness of the mother can similarly act as a major and unpreventable cause for childhood obesity. Therefore, to maintain a proper weight a proper diet is to be maintained along with performing proper physical activity (Ludwig & Currie, 2010). The nutrients that are particularly important during pregnancy are the folic acid, iron and vitamins, calcium, omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids (Safe Food, 2008). Stating precisely, consumption of folic acid is important to ensure a healthy pregnancy. This acid intake helps to avoid conditions such as “spina bifida” or other neural deficiencies, which can affect the spine of the baby and its healthy growth. During the early pregnancy, formation of the baby spine takes place, which requires a proper intake of folic acid. In this context, recent researches such as Sure?n, Roth, Bresnahan, Haugen, Hornig, Hirtz, … Stoltenberg (2013) and University of Granada (2013) depicted empirical results showing a strong dependency of mothers’ consumption of folic acid as regular dietary supplement and the psychological development of the child. Experimental research conducted in Sure?n, Roth, Bresnahan, Haugen, Hornig, Hirtz, … Stoltenberg (2013) further elaborated the fact that folic acid consumption can reduce autism risks within the child. Additionally, eating food rich in folates helps in proper nourishment of the fetus.

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