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Create a 2 pages page paper that discusses self-advertising monologue. Introducing Ammar Alwayel Give me an engineering problem and I can solve it easily. If I was born to do anything, it was to work out the intricacies of engineering challenges and create solutions to meet the needs of my employer or client.

Originally born in Kuwait, I have been living in Charlotte over the course of my studies. I attend the University of North Carolina and managed a GPA: 3.8/4 in my senior year of High School. My intention is to return to Kuwait once I have graduated. I want to be able to apply the skills and information I have learned through my studies towards practical applications.

I count myself fortunate that I already have a range of skills suitable to the workplace. On the computer I have experience with AutoCAD, MATLAB as well as all four functions of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations and Access databases). My UNIX technical skills include the use of the drill press and soldering iron and I am fluent in Arabic and the English language.

I already have some experience in the workforce. In Kuwait I worked as a trainer for three months at a Kuwait oil company and I have also worked as a trainer in the Kuwait power plant. That experience taught me some valuable work ethics – such as being reliable, turning up on time, meeting deadlines, following instructions and working as part of a team. I was really proud that I could take some of the skills I already had and apply them to a “real life” situation.

It is my intention to obtain an internship position in the field of Mechanical Engineering. I believe that my skills and experience would be a valuable asset to any organization and I am keen to learn new skills to compliment those I already have. I have a career plan and am focused on acquiring as much experience and new knowledge as possible so that on my graduation, my skills will be useful to the engineering industry in Kuwait.

So why should you hire me? I can offer a lot of useful skills and solid work ethics that would be of use to your organization. I understand the need to work hard and I see my working as a means of learning new skills. I have excellent computer skills. Through my studies and past work experience I understand the need to meet deadlines and to remain focused on my tasks. I will never be late for work and if you give me a chance I will ensure that you are pleased that you did.

My main aim in life is to graduate with a good degree and work for a company that not only appreciates my skills but is one that is also going to provide me with the opportunity to learn more in engineering. If you want a team member who is willing, who works hard, who can pick up new skills easily and who will be a reliable member of your staff, then I look forward to working with you.

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