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This project will require you writing a persuasive/argumentative essay of at least. The goal of your essay is to influence the way that your reader feels about a certain topic. Based on your argument, your reader will either agree or disagree with you, and the reader may even change his or her behavior based on your support. If you have been completing the assignments from each lesson, you should already have a large part of this assignment completed. You should have:

•A thesis statement, which will be part of the introduction to your paper.

•Four or five supporting details, written as strong topic sentences. These details should appeal to your audience in an effective way. They should address any objections your readers would have to your thesis, and they should contain forms of support appropriate to your chosen appeal. These supporting details will be part of the body of your paper.

•A list of sources that you used for your supporting detail evidence. Look at Chapter 20 in your book for information about citing sources.

•Use these pieces creating an argumentative essay in traditional essay format. Your essay will contain an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. The conclusion will explain how you have proven your thesis to be true. 

•The conclusion should also answer the question of “so what?” Now that you have proven your thesis statement, what should the reader do? How should the reader change his or her behavior? Your essay will also contain a “works cited” page that gives credit to any sources you used as proof. Refer to page 333 in your book for an example of a “works cited” page.

A well-written essay will include: 

•A narrow and manageable topic formed into a strong thesis statement. (20 points possible)

•Four or five supporting details that have quality, are thoughtful, and are from reliable sources. (20 points possible)

•A clear appeal to the audience (logical, ethical, or emotional) and appropriate details used to support this type of appeal. (20 points possible)

•A consideration of the readers’ objections to the thesis and non-inflammatory comments to overcome these objections. (20 points possible)

•Distinct parts (introduction, body, and conclusion). (10 points possible)

•A works cited page that will include all of the sources used in the essay in correct MLA (refer to Chapter 20 in your textbook for style guidelines). (10 points possible)

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