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Provide a 8 pages analysis while answering the following question: Intelligence in Promoting Economic Interests. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. The authority of the Soviet Union weakened on a daily basis as its economic system approached disintegration and its political system wrestled between those preferring progressively more rapid actions toward more receptive and more democratic administration and those adhering to the older mechanisms of control (Trahair 2004).

Nine months after the decline of Europe’s old order, Saddam Hussein occupied Kuwait. shortly after five months, Iraq was forcibly cast out by an expansive United Nations coalition primarily established and governed by the United States. In 1991, Soviet despots staged an unsuccessful coup détat against Gorbachev, which consequently resulted in the abrupt downfall of Communist control and the ultimate suspension of the USSR into its constituent and at presently divided republics. In these rapid developments, the functioned served by the intelligence community and its prospect were both put into question, even as the president and the Congress continued to deal with supervision concerns originating from Iran-contra (Valcourt & Hulnick 1999).

Therefore, the primary objective of this paper is to discuss the changes in mission, scope, organization, resources, and technology of the U.S. Intelligence, in the aftermath of World War II and the Cold War, to address the perceived national security concerns of the post-Cold War era.

The Senate and House Intelligence agencies were hesitant to entrust the concern of restructuring the post-Cold War U.S. intelligence completely to the executive branch. Senator Boren and Representative Dave McCurdy presented bills illustrating their ideas of possible reforms for the intelligence community (Valcourt & Hulnick 1999).

Both bills shared major points. the two bills established a National Security Council (NSC) Committee on Foreign Intelligence to give overall guidance for the intelligence community. reappointed the DCI as the director of national intelligence (DNI), with reinforced power over the overall intelligence community, particularly the allocation, duty and spending of National Foreign Intelligence Program (NFIP) resources, which would be&nbsp.presented to Congress.

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